About me



For me, painting is a conversation with the soul, so welcome to my story!

Photo by: The Well Multimedia

If you are curious and haven't heard much about me yet, I am Pia, the artist behind this colourful variety of paintings.

Art was a constant companion in my life. And a latent one. I loved art, but I didn't feel I was good at it - at least not in practice. So I kept my art supplies with me through the many moves in my 20s while I studied, always cherished, but rarely used. Only in moments of total emotional or mental overwhelm was my need for the quiet centredness I found in art bigger than the doubts of my lacking abilities.

It was only after I had graduated from university, that I realised that I wanted to do something that I love and wasn't loving what I was doing. Around the same time, I happened upon a "real" art supplies store in Berlin for the first time in my life - I fell in love immediately.

I became a passionate art journaler and I just couldn't stop there - my love for creating my art turned out to be stronger than my doubts. So I shifted to painting abstracts on canvas, enjoying the freedom of space it offered to me, letting flow onto the canvas what wanted to come though me and marvelling at the journeys those paintings were taking me on.

Over the years two topics kept reoccurring in my work that I still love exploring: bright, happy colours and the human shape. 

Today I’m an artist and a creative guide. Painting and drawing is my magic  - to process my inner world, to express it and (re-)create it constantly.

It is a process of connecting with myself and coming home to me, with every breath and colourful stroke.