How to infuse your art with your intentions - get to know my process

Wooow, these last months have been a whirlwind as the world has gone into a crazy break...

I believe this special cocoon of downtime and slowing down is calling every one of us forward to dive in deep with our true desires and align our intentions with the life we want to live.

I have spent most of my time before the lockdown teaching art and yoga in person, working with lots of clients as well as honing in on my own painting practice. Until a couple of weeks ago, when all of that came to a standstill - like taking a deep collective breath - ...

...and gave me the opportunity to really sit with all the experiences I had collected over the last months working with lots of people as well as my own process and results and condense it all.
What came forward, was a combination of breathwork, movement and intentional, abstract art - the essence of how I work and teach.

Imagine infusing your art with your intention - that can be loving up on yourself, creating a safe place for you in these challenging times or simply being in gentle inquiry with yourself to receive guidance from within.
Whatever it is, that is on your heart and that wants to come through you, you can pour it on a canvas or onto a page and capture this vibrational signature of your intention in the piece.
I use a combination of breathwork and movement - think of moving mediation  -
so that it comes straight from your heart, being rooted in your body and in being.
The intention, you create this artwork from, is felt vibrationally through the art - so imagine that you're being connected to those vibrations and intentions every time you look at your creation again.

They become witnesses to your evolution, lighthouses for your manifestations and your very own wisdom treasure trove.


I created this when I was calling in a new love and was dreaming into what I was wanting to experience. I put all my desires onto that page and then let the colours flow.
Less than 3 weeks later, I met an amazing man that is checking all the boxes I had wished for and bringing so much more amazingness to the connection than I couldn't have imagined.

I love this very lose and playful exercise and it's super-potent. There are no rules or limitations (which is the point of the whole exercise ;) ). You can add in collage texture, glitter, metallic colours - whatever takes your fancy, go for it!!!

What are the steps?

  • Get clear on your desires: Feel into your desires and how it feels in my body to actually experience them.
  • Make them into an intention: Write them down, let it flow onto the paper - you'll be surprised what appears if you just keep moving that pen.
  • Put the colours on top you feel drawn to and add in patterns that speak to you.
  • Have fun with it!!!!

And then marvel at what you have created!!! Sounds like an optional step, I know - but believe me, the capability to experience wonder and joy at your own creation is crucial to receiving its full blessing. Celebrate what you just created and what is now coming your way!

Imagine your intention(s) as a red thread that ties your desire to you. It is leading you to them, pulling you closer, guiding your way to towards them unfailingly.

What is your intention for this cocoon we are currently in? How do you want to come out on the other side of this?

Sit with it. Journal on it. I have made the experience that being witnessed in my intention is magnifying the impact. So if you want to be seen and heard in what you are calling in, share with me in the comments. I am here to support you.

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